About ME

My name is Elisa Fontana and I am a Play Therapist, a Counsellor and a Trainer.

How I started

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My aim

Why I do what I do in that way

number of options

My approach is multifaceted, always tailored to your needs. My experience in child development, education, art and therapy, provides me with a broad range of options to support you and your child. 

A supervised practice

I am ethically committed to regular supervision, insurance cover and ongoing CPD. This is to assure that you have the most reliable support, in line with official guidelines.


I operate according to the average fees within the therapeutic community. Fees are transparent and agreed at the start of our relationship. Exceptional financial circumstances can be discussed. 

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what My clients say
Elisa has a special talent with young children! She has been able to connect with my younger son since the first day! He absolutely loved her playful approach, and he made amazing progress in his emotional wellbeing!
- Mother of 5 Year old child.
ITALIAN CLIENT: Abbiamo apprezzato moltissimo la tua professionalita' e soprattutto il supporto e l'incoraggiamento che ci hai offerto nell'arco di quest'anno. Avendo parlato con te piu spesso, devo dire che dopo le nostre conversazioni mi sono sempre sentita molto sollevata non solo riguardo ai comportamenti di mio figlio e ma anche riguardo al mio ruolo di mamma e all'approccio che abbiamo nei confronti del nostro bambino.

- Mamma e papà di bimbo di 5 anni e mezzo. Mother and Father Of 5 Year Old Child